Hut Favorites

Interested in fundraising with Pizza Hut?

  • A fundraiser card that offers more choices for your supporters.
  • It is simple to register and easy to sell.
  • Your organization will earn 40% of sales!

Please read over the information provided in the link below.

For more information or to start the registration process, please call (808) 566-3200 ext. 2283 or send us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions
Registration Form

To purchase Hut Favorites cards or for more information, please call (808) 566-3200 x2283 or email us.

Pizza Sales

  • Extra Money. Easy to raise extra money for your organization.
  • Simple. Place an order at the fundraising price level.
  • Hassle-Free. Re-sell the pizza at your pre-determined price.
  • No Limit. Participate as many times as you would like.
Pizza Sales Fundraiser have been used for many fundraising purposes including these Pizza Sales Fundraiser have also been used in conjunction with other fundraisers
• Project Graduation
• School Clubs or Programs
• Athletic Events
• Religious Group Events
• Field Trips
• Car Wash Fundraiser
• School Fair Fundraiser
• Bake/Food Sales
• Golf Outings
• Marathons

For more information or to start your Pizza Sales, call 808-237-3702.